Haciendas de Naga’s best offering to its adventure seeking clients–the Zoofari Adventure Park has reopened! You can ride ATVs. Zoom in the Zipline. Climb and Rappel the Wall. Be an archer or a shooter. For families and barkadas who want to ride together, we have horses, calesas, and bikes. Relax and teach your self fishing and never be hungry again! And when you are done with the adventures, cool down in our Wave Pool at the HDN Golf Resort and Country Club.

Haciendas de Naga - Adventure Park - Rates for Rides

Haciendas de Naga – Adventure Park – Rates for Rides

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WAVE POOL has re-opened


We are glad to announce that the Wave Pool has re-opened! Spend your weekend with us at Haciendas de Naga. Tell your friends and family. Pay only P250 for the entrance and swimming. Get a cottage for only 500, 600, or 700 pesos. For reservations contact Public Relations at 09392198143.


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Golf Course Re-Open

After Glenda’s devastation in the region, management is re-opening the Golf Course on Friday, July 25. First timers are welcome to play. See you in the greens!

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Glenda Aftermath

Haciendas de Naga, like Naga and the rest of Bicol has been greatly affected by the storm. We will not have operations in HDN until everything normalizes and only when we have prepared HDN again for you.

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New Fees!

Our friends are asking for the rates of Haciendas de Naga. Here it is!HDN July Fees

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Tee off starts as Mount Isarog opens up the sunrise touching Carolina first and fresh lemon yellow light comes down for everyone in Naga. Professionals always beat the sun to work. Professionals are red hot passionate about what they do. Professionals love what they do. When you love something you share it. You want others to love it too. Two pros in Uptown Naga want to teach you what they truly love—Golf.


Pro Jun and Pro Arnel have come to Naga City and live with us Nagueños to bring golf into our own professional lives. They have a 9-hole green campus estimated at 3,339 yards. For beginners and professionals alike, they mentor you closely in a 500 meter driving range with 18 stalls.


It is time to let you into their lives as pros, know why they choose to be here, why they recommend to play golf, and the essential things you need to keep in mind and heart before you come for lesson number one.


Our first pro golfer is ENGRACIO “JUN” FUETES PILOTO, JR. Engracio senior is also a pro-golfer from Davao. Pro Jun’s natural golf life started in the 1970 as a pulot boy in the Matina Golf Course. When his eyes got trained in zeroing in  on white golf  balls flying in blue sky and white clouds and then drop on green grass you become a caddie, then a Class A caddie. He then became a Junior Golfer in 1979. Pro Jun was qualified for touring in 1986. His golf tour was from 1986 to 2006. In 1987 he achieved a Golf Master title in Davao. He started working in Northwoods Golf Club in Bulacan; then Magkawayan, Bulacan; teaching in Eagle Ridge Academy in Silang, Cavite; moving to Quezon City, Lagro, and lastly in San Pascual Batangas Golf Course. In Batangas, he and our next pro-golfer was recruited to Naga.


ARNEL JISON ENEMA hails from Bacolod, started as a pulot boy in Marapara Golf Club in 1984. He was a caddie there in 1987. From 1992 to 1996, he served as a caddie in the Villamor Airbase. After a year of practice he qualified and became a pro in 1997. A company sponsored his tour from 1997-2014. He went back to Villamor Airbase to teach golf. One military major recruited him to Lipa, Batangas. He then moved to San Fernando Airbase for golf mentoring, and lastly to San Pascual Batangas Golf Course.


Pro Jun and Pro Arnel’s pulot boy experience molded them into pros from fast tracking caddie eyed kids;  to respectful young men to all golf players; they followed golf protocol, and the most important of all golf policies, both pros say: honesty.


They are in Naga to pioneer the first golf course in the Bicol Region. They are the first pro-golfers here. They just came to Naga last June 7, 2014, observing and giving advise on the first Monthly Fun Golf Tournament. They also lead in the tip top shape of the greens.


Why play golf? Primarily, they say its for networking. Golf is a medium for connecting in the business of business. Second, its for one’s health. Third, playing golf is a stress reliever. Lastly, golf is a game of long and enduring patience.


As Naga’s new residents, they see the city’s development potential. They want be in the growth of the culture of golf here. They are encouraging the young one’s, your children, to play golf, to help them avoid vices. Golf is also an opportunity to provide junior golfers scholarships and a possible slot in the Philippine Team. Parents should be the first to support their children who are serious golfers the pros say. Organizers like Peping Cojuangco of the RP Golf Association provide training and facilitate sponsorships nationwide. They are coming to Naga soon.


Golf is not only for the rich. Remember, Pro Jun and Pro Arnel started as humble pulot boys. To be a pro-golfer you have to love and respect the game, and get sponsors. In the Philippines, there are lots of companies who can sponsor golfers and their golf tours.


So, when you decide to learn golf, the Naga Pros say you’ll need to undergo a pre-clinic and a clinic with them. You’ll need to buy a golf club, and invest on a set too. The Pros have to customize your golf club to your body. Proper attire is slacks or knee length shorts, collared shirts, a cap, and one piece glove as starters.


For beginners, you’ll have 12 lessons, starting from grip, set up, swing, and many more. Golf categories of players are: Beginner, Lady, Men, and Champion.


Naga is growing in all aspects of our lives. We have to pause to check our lifestyle once in a while. Are we active enough? Are we healthy? When was the last time you breathed fresh mountain air? Biked? Horsebacked? When was was the last time you had an adrenaline ruuush! Have you even golfed?


Most of us know how to play basketball, football, badminton, tennis. It is time to learn something new, take on a new challenge. A new sport to help us focus, to concentrate from heal to head. A new hobby to teach us to be patient, to take time before making a shot, and call us out from the treadmill and tread in real green grass.


To be a master, you first need to be an apprentice. You become a Padawan first before you become a Jedi. You humbly ask to be a mentee of a pro, then someday you become the mentor to your wife, your son or your daughter who need to love what you love.


Your day will end by 5pm again. The sun is setting. Pro Jun and Pro Arnel are waiting for you at the driving range.


Start becoming a golf professional. Contact Pro Jun (09052024990) or Pro Arnel (09213037925/ 09369261694).

Engracion Jun Fuentes PilotoArnel Jison Enema

Haciendas de Naga is Your Vacation Home in Bicol! We are open from 6am to 6pm. For inquiries you can reach us in the following details: 228-0375 / 09373712451 / adventure@haciendasdenaga.com.

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Adventure Park: Current Rates for Rides

Haciendas de Naga - Adventure Park - Rates for Rides

Haciendas de Naga – Adventure Park – Rates for Rides

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