Haciendas de Naga

Welcome to a cooler Hacienda farm experience! Situated at a cool elevation near Mount Isarog overlooking the vibrant Naga City – the Heart of Bicol, here is where the comfort and prestige of living in an upscale community. Wake-up in the crisp scent of freshly cut tropical grass that blankets a relaxing view of green neatly trimmed championship golf course. Cuddle up in a cozy Balinese, Mediterranean, or Spanish-Themed farmhouses and residential estates. Harvest the freshest of vegetables and the sweetest of fruits in fertile land traversed by rich flowing creeks. A fully satisfying experience of picking your very own choice fruits and vegetables right from the source including flowers, during market days.


Development Features

    1. Themed Residential Estates
    2. 9-Hole Tropical Golf Course, Driving Range and Clubhouse
    3. Adventure Park (Zip Line, Rappel and Wall Climb)
    4. Firing Range and Clubhouse
    5. Pili Park and Camping Site

Premium Location

Haciendas de Naga is located at Carolina, Uptown Naga City, overlooking the City of Naga.